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Rare and/or out of print Southern African Tribal Art Books







The Traditional African Art of Zimbabwe





The Traditional African Art of Zimbabwe


Henrik Ellert





This book explores African traditional objects from Zimbabwe, including headrests, divining objects, ceremonial axes, hoes, daggers, spears, stools, staffs, bowls, snuff boxes, clay pots, baskets, thumb pianos, drums, whistles and copper currency.





Objects are represented in over 100 quality color images from both public and private collections. Chromolithographs from Industrie des Cafres du Sud-Est de l'Afrique are used.





Published with the assistance of Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.



Price: US$95.00 plus postage.


Rare hardcover edition: US$300.00 plus postage.



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Central and Southern African Tribal Art


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